Atta is the information system that supports the activities of the core process of the National Biodiversity Institute (INBio), ie, facilitates the processes of capture, management, and dissemination of biodiversity information INBio held since 1989..

This system maintains a relational database with more than two million records, each of which corresponds to a specimen. Through a unique barcode, the information associated with each specimen in our collection can be accessed and managed efficiently and systematically. On each specimen collected is stored where (georeferencing with precise coordinates), when, how, who collected it and end the cycle of identification, what it is.

Atta includes modules for power generation, consulting, editing and analysis of taxonomic information, geographical, ecological and potential uses of species of plants, insects, molluscs, arachnids, fungi and nematodes in Costa Rica.

Atta is a flexible system that handles 22 taxonomic levels, from domain to form.

It also includes a geographic information system that combines basic taxonomic information and ecological information serves as a predictive tool for studies, planning and generally to support decision-making on various aspects of conservation of our biodiversity. In order to facilitate the dissemination of information generated using Atta, the system also includes interfaces to exchange information with standard tools such as ArcView ©, MS-EXCEL © and the WWW.

Notable among modules Atta, a digital publishing system descriptions of species biodiversity of Costa Rica, called UBIs (basic units of information). Using this system, national and international partners can use the web to submit to a process of electronic publishing his description of a species. This publication includes at least one photograph of the species and its distribution map (generated for almost all taxonomic groups from the information in the database Atta). The publication is available in our website free of charge to the general public. For more information visit the website suggests

Atta is the second general information system, scalable, multi-taxa developed by INBio. It has been built on the experience of developing and using the previous system (BIMS) for several years, but now incorporating new technologies such as multimedia, Internet, GIS and object-oriented development. Atta is the result of an interdisciplinary effort involving many partners. For its development has involved the collaboration of companies in Central ORACLE, SOIN, CESA and ESRI, as well as the generous financial support of the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (Holland), NORAD (Norwegian Agency for Development) and GEF (Global Environmental Facility).


Computer technology in the service of biodiversity conservation